Ring 1 commencing 9am – Australian Stock Horses

All horses to be registered with the Australian Stock Horse Society

Judge: Megan Hensley

Entry Fee $3     Price Money 1st $6    2nd $3     3rd Ribbon


Led Classes

  1. Led Yearling Filly
  2. Led Filly 3yrs & under
  3. Led Mare 4yrs & over NE 15hh
  4. Led Mare 4yrs & over, over 15hh
  5. Champion & Reserve Led Mare or Filly
  6. Led Yearling Colt
  7. Led Colt 3yrs & under
  8. Led Stallion 4yrs & over
  9. Champion & Reserve Led Stallion or Colt
  10. Led Yearling Gelding
  11. Led Gelding 3yrs & under
  12. Led Gelding 4yrs & over, NE 15hh
  13. Led Gelding 4yrs & over, over 15hh
  14. Champion & Reserve Led Gelding
  15. Junior Handler (under 13 yrs)
  16. Juvenile Handler (13yrs & over)
  17. Supreme Led ASH Sponsored by Millplain Equine

Ridden Classes

  1. ASHLA (not eligible for Champions ASH Hack) Sponsored by Doublehaich Stud
  2. 3yrs & under Hack
  3. Hack NE 15hh
  4. Hack over 15hh
  5. ASH Ridden by Junior (under 13yrs)
  6. ASH Ridden by Juvenille (13yrs & over)
  7. Champion & Reserve Ridden ASH Hack

Working Classes

  1. 3yrs & under Working
  2. Working NE 15hh
  3. Working over 15hh
  4. ASH Working Ridden by junior (under 13yrs)
  5. ASH Working Ridden by Juvenile (13yrs & over)
  6. Champion & Reserve Working ASH
  7. Supreme Ridden ASH Sponsored by Epoch Performance Horses
  8. 3yrs & under Station Horse
  9. Station Horse NE 15hh
  10. Station Horse over 15hh
  11. ASH Station Horse ridden by junior (under 13yrs)
  12. ASH Station Horse ridden by juvenile (13yrs & over)
  13. Champion & Reserve Station Horse




Starting 8.30am


Ring Master: Donna Knuckey

Starting 8.30am


All events to be run under EFA rules and conducted by the Border District Show Jumping Club Committee reserve the right to alter programme if necessary

Max 3 starts per horse

  1. Unofficial 245.3 (AM7) starting height 65cm

Entry $4.

1st $25   2nd $20    3rd $10    4th $5.


  1. Junior, under 18yrs 245.3 (AM7) starting height 80cm

Entry $4.

1st $25   2nd $20    3rd $10    4th $5


  1. Unofficial Open 245.3 (AM7) starting height 80cm

Entry $5.

1st $40   2nd $30    3rd $20    4th $10

To be run concurrently with event 2

  1. Open 238.2 (AM5) starting height 95cm

Entry $5.

1st $60   2nd $40    3rd $30    4th $20


  1. Open 238.2 (AM5) starting height 110cm

Entry $5.

1st $60 2nd $40  3rd $30 4th $20


  1. Open 238.2 ( AM5) starting height 125cm

Entry $7

1st $100  2nd $80  3rd $60  4th $40




9am Start Entry $3 Ribbons 1st to 5th Place.

Margaret Browning Sash is awarded to the Champion Pony Club Mount

Competitors for the Margaret Browning Sash must abide by PCAV rules.

All other riders are subject to EA rules – if there is a clash/conflict in rules for Pony Club riders then the Pony Club rules will apply.


  1. Plaiting is optional
  2. Pony Club Competitors must wear correct Pony Club uniform; other riders must have neat, tidy riding attire.
  3. Pony Club cards must be presented to participate in Pony Club classes.
  4. One horse One rider – One rider One horse
  5. No refund on unused tickets
  6. Lunging is not permitted at this competition
  7. Entering the Pony Club competition constitutes acknowledgement that PCAV rules apply and acceptance of these rules
  8. The organizing committee reserves the right to cancel any class or competition; divide any class; alter times; refuse any entry with or without stating the reason
  9. All riders must wear complying helmets and boots. Spot checks to ensure compliance may occur
  10. Medical Armbands are required to be worn by all Pony Club competitors
  11. Dogs must be on a lead
  12. Queries, protests, horse abuse as per the EA/PCAV rules (depending on class)
  13. No stallions, colts or rigs. Horses must be over 4 years.
  14. Neither the organising committee of this competition nor the PCAV accepts any responsibility whatsoever for any accident,  damage, injury or illness to horses, riders, ground spectators or any other person or property


Handler (Horses to be Led by Handler)

  1. Handler 8yrs and under
  2. Handler 9yrs and under 12yrs
  3. Handler 12yrs and under 15yrs
  4. Handler 15yrs and under 18yrs
  5. Handler 18yrs and over


Best Presented Horse and Rider

  1. Best presented 8yrs and under
  2. Best presented 9yrs and under 12yrs
  3. Best presented 12yrs and under 15yrs
  4. Best presented 15yrs and under 18yrs
  5. Best presented 18yrs and over


Rider Classes

  1. Rider 8yrs and under
  2. Rider 9yrs and under 12yrs
  3. Rider 12yrs and under 15yrs
  4. Rider 15yrs and under 18yrs
  5. Rider 18yrs and over
  6. Champion & Rescue Rider


Ridden Mount

17.Ridden mount under 12hh
18.Ridden mount 12hh and under 13hh
19.Ridden mount 13hh and under 14hh
20.Ridden mount 14hh and under 15h
21.Ridden mount 15hh and over
22.Champion & Reserve Ridden Mount
Handy Mount Ridden (may be over a small obstacle course)

23.Handy mount under 12hh
24.Handy mount 12hh and under 13h
25.Handy mount 13hh and under 14hh
26.Handy mount 14hh and under 15hh
27.Handy mount 15hh and over


Fun Stuff

28. Horse or Pony with longest tail
29.Most unusual colour Hose or Pony
30.Quietest Horse or Pony
31.Fancy dress Horse and Rider


Yarrawonga Mulwala ARC



SPONSOR: MultiCube Stockfeeds

Conditions of Entry

To be run under HRCAV Rules and Regulations.

Membership, Showing card & completed HRCAV entry form must be handed to the card secretary by 8.30am.

Classes may be split or combined at the Judge’s discretion.

All competitors must supply their own number to be displayed on both sides of the horse or on breastplate.

All competitors must wear approved helmets, boots and club uniforms.

Medical armband will be required for any jumping phase.

All manure and used stable bedding to be collected and deposited in designated area- follow the signs. Rake and barrow available from club.

Neither the Organising Committee of this competition nor the HRCAV accepts any responsibility whatsoever for any accident, damage, injury or illness to horses, riders, ground spectators or any other person or property.

Starts: 9am                                        Cost:    $40 block or $10.00 per class

Judge: Jeanette Graham

Card Sec:  Belinda Webb

Enquiries: Belinda Webb 0418 337 954

Facebook:  Yarrawonga/Mulwala Adult Riding Club


Prizes: Sashes to 4th for SOP, Ribbons to 6th Place, Champion & Reserve Sashes

  1. *Smartest on Parade Level Adv. & 1
  2. *Smartest on Parade Level 2
  3. *Smartest on Parade Level 3
  4. *Smartest on Parade Level 4
  5. *Smartest on Parade Level 5
  6. Led Exhibit 15hh and under
  7. Led Exhibit 15hh to 16hh
  8. Led Exhibit 16hh and over

Champion & Reserve Led Exhibit

  1. *Ridden Mount Level Adv. & 1
  2. *Ridden Mount Level 2
  3. *Ridden Mount Level 3
  4. *Ridden Mount Level 4
  5. *Ridden Mount Level 5

*Champion & Reserve Mount

  1. *Rider Level Adv. & 1
  2. *Rider Level 2
  3. *Rider Level 3
  4. *Rider Level 4
  5. *Rider Level 5

*Champion & Reserve Rider

  1. *Mount Most Suitable HRCAV Level Adv. & 1
  2. *Mount Most Suitable HRCAV Level 2
  3. *Mount Most Suitable HRCAV Level 3
  4. *Mount Most Suitable HRCAV Level 4

23.*Mount Most Suitable HRCAV Level 5

Champion & Reserve MMS HRCAV

* Indicates classes eligible for points on cards. Classes 19-23 may be required to jump, medical armbands must be worn.